Glen Wiseman

Glen is a sex and relationship educator and a youth worker. He has worked in sex education for over 10 years, delivering workshops on everything sex and relationship related, for instance body image, puberty, relationships, gender, sexuality, consent, slut shaming, contraception and STI's, sex and the law, sexting, porn and more. Glen is a core member of the Sex Education Forum and a Brook Champion with a clinical focus. His outstanding project work has been recognised as an example of excellence by Brook.


Glen believes young people deserve the right to age and stage appropriate relationships and sex education fit for the 21st century.


Therefore he has dedicated a decade worth of work and gained invaluable experience and developed his unique models and techniques of practice in setting up and running sexual health services for young people in educational settings and in the community. Sex education does not stop in the classroom, it continues into sexual health services young people access and into the conversations they have with peers, friends and family members.

Glen works hard to support schools and delivers outstanding quality relationships and sex education to young people. He delivers in different formats, from Q&A sessions through structured interactive workshops to one-to-one sessions. Glen is also skilled and experienced in delivering training for professionals working with young people. 


Youth Work - particularly sex and relationship education, youth justice

Person centred counselling and psychotherapy


Sex Education Forum