Leah Spasova (in a nutshell)

Leah is a social psychologist and educator, specialising in sex and relationships education for adults, she is also an animal welfare activist and business mentor for start-ups. Her entrepreneurial spirits makes her the Founder and CEO of LIFESEXPERTS, providing life relevant education to individuals and organisations on everything related to healthy relationships and sex(uality). She also heads the The Sexishtastie Project [Sex & Happiness Project] a media platform for sharing reliable, quality educational content on everything sex and relationships in Bulgarian. Leah is also the Founder and CEO of the Bulgarian National Animal Rescue Platform (BNARP), est. 18 May 2010. BNARP focuses on animal welfare and care education and peer-to-peer support platforms that enable animal activists and lovers to rescue and house strays or pets at risk or in need. Leah donates 10% of her profits from LIFESEXPERTS to the Bulgarian National Animal Rescue Platform.

Leah's work as a Psychologist & Sex and Relationship educator at LIFESEXPERTS

Leah is a social psychologist and educator, specialising in sex and relationships education for adults. She is the Founder and CEO of LIFESEXPERTS. Leah runs educational live events and webinars on all topics related to sex and relationships. She also works with individuals, offering sessions on a one-to-one basis. Leah teaches a broad in scope content with topics that educate individuals about the many interwoven factors that influence their psyche, sexual behaviour and relationships. She offers a unique opportunity for people to grow as individuals and as couples by teaching about the connections between the environment, mind and body.

Leah finds that there is much research done in the social sciences, that uncovers useful, life applicable understanding and knowledge of human nature and behaviour. Unfortunately this wealth of good science and discovery often stays in academia, barricaded behind the expense to access research journals and the challenges of terminology and language accessibility. Most of the content that reaches society, via popular magazines and shows, is a single highlight of the research, which often times is portrayed as indisputable truth and guide to living. Furthermore, most of the things that end up in the media are biased and confirm ideas that are established in society. Leah's work as a sex and relationship educator is informed by research and literature on sex and relationships that stems from the social sciences, but also from philosophy, history, economy and beyond.    

Leah has always been passionate about taboo topics and injustice arising from lack of education, compassion and respect for the different and unknown. This is why she is dedicating herself to raising awareness about social issues particularly such regarding sexuality and relationships and works to support individuals in their own journey to more pleasure - shame and guilt free and healthy and happy relationships.  

Leah's work as an Animal Welfare Activist at The Bulgarian National Animal Rescue Platform

Leah is the founder of the Bulgarian National Animal Rescue Platform (BNARP), which she started on 18 May 2010. Today BNARP has a three platforms that enable peer-to-peer support seeking for activists and animal lovers in the country. Leah manages a team of over 15 volunteers at any given point. She sometimes also writes and translates educational materials on animal welfare and care. Leah actively works to empower fellow activists in their work. Her passion and activism actually began very early in her childhood, when her family home was a safe space where Leah and her father would bring abandoned and stray cats and dogs to shelter them while searching for suitable permanent homes for them. Her family has always supported her in her endeavour to rescue and rehouse strays. She is invested in changing the poor culture and eliminating the suffering of unfortunate strays in Bulgaria. Every time she goes to visit, she acts as foster pet parent as she rescues and rehouses stray cats and dogs.

Leah's work as a Business Strategy Mentor

Leah mentors and supports first time entrepreneurs who have startups in the animal welfare as well as sexuality and relationships improvement fields. She helps entrepreneurs define their business strategy, create a road map, explore monetisation and plan for growth in the short and long-term. This far Leah has worked with the animal rescue and welfare app developers from ''Help A Paw'' and ''Let It Wag'', as well as the positive-dog-training experts from ''Doggo Friends''. She have also coached individual experts in sexuality and relationships and hosts regular 'Sexperts Business Meetings', which enable collaboration and business advice and support exchange between sexperts based in the UK and abroad.

What people say about Leah and her work...

Alex Mill
Mindful Intimacy Catalyst

I deeply appreciate and respect Leah's work. I've tuned into one of her webinars which then turned into us doing a webinar together. Her thorough professionalism and keen interest turned that webinar into a truly fun experience, so I'm really looking forward to work with her again. As well as I very much admire the work she's doing to bring sex & intimacy coaches together to share wisdom, join forces and bring a healthy sex education to everyone who might not have had the chance to talk about sexuality openly as part of their traditional education.

Ruby Usman
Founder of the Unshaming Project

Bravery, courage and sheer determination - these are some of the words I would use to describe Leah. it's not easy going against the rift; it's not easy asking difficult questions and be willing to take a stand on it but Leah does it so well. Our society and community needs brave souls like Leah. Recently, Leah and I did a live webinar together. Leah made it very easy for me to prepare for the session and took great care of me during the webinar. it was certainly a privilege to work with Leah and I look forward to many more of such ventures.

Lachezar Krastev
Founder of 'Doggo Friends'

Starting off by saying that I am extremely satisfied by Leah's help and thankful for the brilliant ideas and insights she shared with me. The project we have started is not an easy one and requires a tone of creativity. Specifically, the project in question is about educating the Bulgarian nation about dog training, proper dog ownership, and in general what is the right way to treat your furry friend according to ethics and animal protection laws. Leah's ideas about monetization of the Doggo Friends project were brilliant and her propositions of how to achieve extra credibility really put us on the right track. Those included doing and creating our own online courses, going into schools to teach kids about dog training, reaching out to universities that have Veterinary courses, and many more amazing ideas.

Sofia Strachan

CEO of Just As You Are

Leah was great in advising me on my business, sharing information on how I can better expand my company and how I could improve it. She’s very professional and easy to talk to! Thank you Leah

Francine Sharrocks
Chief Visionary Officer and Founder of findmysexpert.com

Happy to be part of the professional meetings Leah runs for Sex and Relationship Experts. Her dedication to the support of professionals is commendable. It is a pleasure working with Leah.

Yash Sheth
Founder of Let It Wag

Leah is an amazing, intelligent,smart, smartworking woman who is always keen on helping startups and entrepreneurs. We connected 6 months back over email . This connection happened due to shared passion for animal welfare,and we decided to do an ice breaker call so she can learn about my vision and how I plan to help animals across the world via Let it Wag. We instantly got connected over the vision and she was game to help me achieve it. Everytime I interact with her, I always learn from her and get more clarity on my approach, my roadmap, and the planning. She is always available for any discussion, have been putting a lot of efforts and time to help me take Let it Wag on a global level and make one million army of animal lovers.

Scott Culverwell

I always find Leah has a considered, honest and fearless perspective on the world and this comes through in her one to one sessions and also the content on Patreon.

I wish I could speak to Leah everyday and get her views on the daily and weekly occurrences in my love and sex life.

Zain Hussain
Musculoskeletal Podiatrist

I've know Leah for a few years now and I have found her to be really attentive and supportive person. It is easy to talk to her as she listens closely and always provides ideas for adequate solutions of problems, that tackle issues in tactful and appropriate manner.
I wish I could speak to Leah everyday and get her views on the daily and weekly occurrences in my love and sex life.

Ben Qureshi 

Leah's events have been exceptionally good. She has done a fantastic job of bringing excellent people together and inciting profound and moving conversation. She has also provided me with some very wise counsel, free of charge, out of simple kindness. She has a great understanding of promoting work, and of the value of social networks. I'm really glad I was lucky enough to meet her


Psychology and Counselling - particularly social psychology, cognitive-behavioural therapy, psychology of sexuality, cultural diversity
Mental Health - worked with young people with challenging behaviour, vulnerable adults with severe mental health conditions, individuals suffering from depression and anxiety, delivery of sexuality and relationships education, worked with LGBTQI+ folk, HIV/AIDS positive folk, victims of domestic abuse etc.  


British Psychological Society

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