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We run events, both live in the community and online, hoping to reach to more folk who wish to learn more about sex, intimacy and healthy relationships. Some of our events have been recorded, so we wish to share snippets of them for you to see what our webinars and live events look like.


Kink/BDSM: The community and events

Many people practice kink/BDSM but do not join the community or events in real life. This is often due to lack of understanding of the community and events. Being part of the community can be very rewarding and positive experience, providing a person with various opportunities to meet like-minded folk and potential partners. Watch the full webinar, to learn more about the topic.


Love and Hate - Conflicting Feelings in Intimate Relationships

Love and Hate are seen as opposites that cannot coexist in relationships, but is this true? Can we both love and hate a person all at the same time? How can we learn to manage these very conflicting feelings in our close relationships? Book a private session to start learning how to handle difficult emotional conflicts and have healthier relationships with those around you. 


Things to know about psychotherapy

Have you ever been recommended or considered psychotherapy, but felt overwhelmed with questions that felt too big to tackle on your own?  Making the decision to go to therapy is not easy, there are so many questions that we feel are hanging in the air unanswered, and for many - this is enough to prevent them from seeking help. Talk to us, so we can ease you in making the right choice for you.


Kink & BDSM: A beginner's guide

Every part of your body can give you pleasure. Do you know how to explore the full capacity of your body? Are you ready to discover an unfathomable field of opportunity for intimacy, connection, sexual liberation and so much more? Talk to us and learn what kink and BDSM are, what being in the community is like, what type of events are organised and of course why non-mainstream practices can be a limitless source of pleasure, learn about safety, appropriate behaviour and improve your communication skills for the kink world.

If you would like to learn more about the topics we discuss or wish to bring in your own questions, we would be happy to work with you privately in one-to-one sessions. 

If you are an events organiser and wish to invite us to deliver at your event, we would love to hear from you.


To get in touch email us at​ contact@lifesexperts.com