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There is never a better time to
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Change and growth happen all the time, not only when we consciously make time for it. But starting with conscious effort is always the better way as it helps us learn to be more reflective in our daily life and have more of those mini 'Aha!' moments that help our growth so much! 

However it's hard to know where to start and what to look for to begin with...or even if you are already having one-to-one sessions - be it therapy, coaching or else, the time in between them can be used so much more effectively if you have regular insights and prompts to remind you to stop and reflect. And not to forget that having a community of like minded folk with whom you can share and chat with helps a lot - to stay engaged, motivated, able to learn from others and beyond.

So if you are interested in joining a community and getting more from LIFESEXPERTS, join us on Patreon, where you will support our work and embark on your own growth journey.

But... What is Patreon?

Patreon is a platform for creators and communities. We will use Patreon to deliver valuable and quality content for our community of sex-positive folk who want to learn and grow. You may wonder, especially so if you already have one-to-one sessions with Leah, why join us there? Well, let's see..


As a start - if you are not already making use of our sessions for one reason or another, but want to engage and learn, joining will provide you with the opportunity to start someplace nice and easy, and you can increase your involvement when you choose to with the click of a button.


And if you are already a client the added access to great content on everything life, sex and relationships will only give you more opportunities between our sessions to keep exploring and expanding on your learning experience.

Curious and Open-Minded about exploring sexuality and relationships and wanting to dip your toes in and learn about these close to the heart topics?

This is the perfect tier to get you started!


  • Webinars On Demand - we have dozens of webinars you may have missed out on to see live, but now you can watch and re-watch our webinars on sex(uality) and relationships whenever you can and want to.  Our future live webinars will also be recorded and uploaded to watch on demand on Patreon, so you don't run the chance to miss out on the value from our upcoming webinars.

  • Food For Thought - get regular, inspirational and thought provoking prompts that will get your mind explore the concepts you live with and struggle with. These can be great for you to ponder over with your friends and family, as well as in our ....

  • Sex Positive Community - here on Patreon, we are starting our own community of like-minded folk who want to discuss the topics that matter - with no shame and only gain.

Open To Learning pushes you into the next level of exploring sexuality and relationships. This tier is for those wanting to invest more time and learn about these close to the heart topics.

This is the perfect tier to get you more committed to learning and growth!

In addition to everything in tier ''Curious and Open-Minded'' you also get:

  • Priceless Insights - these are regular insights in the form of text or video message from Leah, in which she shares gems of wisdom and reflections on anything life, sex and relationships. These can help you grasp new to you concepts or re-evaluate how you think of certain topics.

  • Recommended Content - we are flooded with content on the important topics of life, but much of it is just not worth our time. Leah goes through tons of content daily and will be sharing about and recommending you the books, articles, films, documentaries, videos and more that can actually add value to your life, rather than waste your time.

  • Challenges - it's all good to learn through passively receiving information on concepts, topics and more, but it's even better to learn through active exploration. Leah will share with you a monthly challenge which you can try and see where the exploration takes you. Get to know your body, your mind, your partners better and extract more joy and pleasure for yourself in the process and thereafter. And don't forget to share your experience with fellow sex positive folk on the platform.

Deep Diver empowers you to be part of the design of the learning and growth that happens in our community here. This is your opportunity to stir us in topics and concepts you want explored. Have questions you want to get insights for and for or want to be part of this reflective and interactive community experience of growth, join us here.

This is the perfect tier for those who like to explore deeper!


In addition to everything in tier ''Curious and Open-Minded'' and ''Open To Learning'' you also get:

  • Ask A Question - whatever crosses your mind, bugs you daily or even keeps you awake at night, you can ask the question and Leah will share personalised insight for you in a message or in... 

  • Monthly Video Call - the monthly call is an opportunity for Leah to address, discuss and shed light on the questions you've asked her privately. You can join the call live or if you can't make it, then watch it later uploaded here on Patreon.  

By becoming our supporter on Patreon, you not only get exclusive content, but you help us develop more and amazing programs for growth and beyond.


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