A world without education is a world of stagnation and misery.

The LIFESEXPERTS project was born upon reflection of the huge amount of unanswered questions, anxieties, sexual issues and relationship struggles that individuals had and were bringing up while talking to the founder of the project - Leah - in her capacity as a friend, a psychologist, a sex educator. Everyone's needs are complex and lack of understanding and guidance, in combination with stigma and shame make people feel unhappy, lost, frustrated, embarrassed, ashamed, restless and hopeless.

As there is very little structured, affordable and readily available to the public education on social issues relating to abuse, sexual harassment, whistle-blowing, harmful social discourse and stigma, trauma and healing and more, the need for LIFESEXPERTS was established and the idea was conceptualised. The broad educational content delivered addresses such issues aiming to reduce their prevalence and improve the current state of affairs.

LIFESEXPERTS teach a broad in scope content, with topics that educate individuals about the many interwoven factors that influence their psyche, sexual behaviour and relationships. We offer a unique opportunity for people to grow as individuals and as couples by teaching about the connections between the environment, mind and body.

Enriching adults with the knowledge of 21st century scientific research, established methods used by mental health professionals, modern and ancient techniques and practices for engaging and connecting the mind and the body, we aim to provide clients with the opportunity to grow as human beings - connected, aware, present in their daily lives and relationships.


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