About the Founder

Social Psychologist, Situational Ethicist and Sex and Relationships Educator

Leah is a Social Psychologist with great passion for the study of social psychology, cultural diversity, ethics and sex and relationships. LIFESEXPERTS is not her first project she wants to introduce positive social change with. She is passionate about animal well-fare and in 2010 established and still runs an online animal rescue platform for peer-to-peer support in eastern Europe, which has been very successful in creating a community that works together to save thousands of stray and at risk pets every year.

LIFESEXPERTS was established because Leah is a sex positive person who believes the world would be a better place if we were more open to learn about ourselves and others without prejudice, shame and stigma.

A world with proper sex and relationship education could be a world without sex guilt and shame, without sexual exploitation and abuse; where people know how to have healthy relationships, enjoy their bodies fully and respect others’ right to body autonomy.

A world where sexual harassment and abuse are consigned to history because people who understand boundaries and limits are not afraid of whistle blowing and know how to enforce their boundaries and fight for their rights.

A world with proper sex and relationship education can reduce the amount of heartbreak, bullying and harassment, unwanted pregnancies, children growing up in dysfunctional families, abusive relationships and so much more.

Leah is passionate about working hard to bring positive change into the world and offers her expertise to organisations and individuals. The content she offers is unique, can be customised and is always delivered in innovative ways that provoke personal development and growth.


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