From Scratch: Starting&Running Munches. A How-To Guide

Are you a kinkster living at a place where there are no munches, or perhaps there are but the way these munches are run don’t sit well with you and you prefer to stay out of this group. Do you wish you could start your own social meet-up group for you and your local kinksters? Then read on and join us for a free webinar as I will walk you through my How-To Guide on starting and running munches.

Not many of you know, but I lived in Porto, Portugal for a few months back in 2017 and when I ended up there, everything was perfect - except the fact that there were no social meet ups or kinky events for the local community that was sticking online at the time. The catalyst in me was ready for a challenge, so with the support of a friend and his generous help in translating all my outlines for the muches to Portuguese we started running events. Every week we had a new event, always in town centre but I switched venues every time and provided the opportunity to people to socialise in different spaces and ways. After my departure one of the keen and regular attendees took over and continued running the events, soon after local kinksters opened a club sensing the emerging community and a year later Lisbon kinksters got instructed in my methodology and structure and started their own social events.

I invite you to watch this webinar and learn about my strategy, structure and method to start, grow and maintain your own munches. As part of the How-To guide I will also share with you about munches I have attended and felt I cannot be part of and the reasons for this. I will also outline some of the pitfalls you can expect as an organiser and the responsibilities you have to take as a host and trusted individual to facilitate and hold a community together.

The benefits of running munches for the local community are great, but so are the responsibilities and the abilities you must develop in order to maintain the good work and community together.

In this webinar I walk you through:

  • The motivations of running munches

  • The preparation - i.e. rules, know-how, what you need, where to advertise, what to say in your outline etc.

  • Finding or choosing the right spaces for your events

  • Holding space, enforcing boundaries and rules and maintaining folk’s safety

  • Understanding your power and responsibility as an organiser

  • The abilities of a good host you must not disregard at any point

  • Munches and beyond - understanding the space and time outside of your events -as those you can’t control and are not your responsibility