Prevent Sexual Violence at Your Company

We help companies that are in position of responsibility and duty of care to address and prevent sexual abuse at the workplace by delivering specialized and truly unique services.

The abuse of power and people is likely more pervasive than any of us want to realise. It includes child abuse, intimate partner violence, institutional abuse, and beyond. Its existence in every fabric of society from the family, religion, sports, workplace to whole communities is undeniable. Addressing the problem may be among the most challenging yet hugely important actions that we need to take.


For this reason it is in our best interest to learn about it, manage its impacts, do our best to prevent it and ultimately change how we administer our social institutions, social structures, and how we relate to one another. It is time to address abuse, prevent it, change and grow as individuals, communities, society and nations.


Although the legal and moral cases for preventing sexual harassment should be sufficiently compelling for employers, there is also a business case to be made: a poor organisational culture and failure to deal with sexual harassment allegations lead to employees being dissatisfied with work, having a low opinion of their managers, absenting themselves or wanting to leave. Unite the Union argues that sexual harassment “creates a work environment of fear and intimidation”. 

Research shows that sexual violence is a highly gendered social issue, with women being victims significantly more than men.  Allowing women to be treated in a demeaning way at work stifles their professional development and contribution.(From: House of Commons Report on Sexual Harassment at the workplace, 2018)


A BBC survey found that 40% of women and 18% of men had experienced
unwanted sexual behaviour in the workplace (November 2017).

Furthermore, a EU-wide research by the European Union Agency For Fundamental Rights sampled over 42 000 women across the EU and found that 32% of all victims in the EU said the perpetrator was a boss, colleague or customer and 75% of women in qualified professions or top management jobs have been sexually harassed.

Healthy working environment = Happy and productive teams!

Identifying and tackling the root causes of sexual harassment and abuse and acting to prevent poor behaviour are key to building positive, transparent and well-functioning workplaces and happy workforce.  


At LIFESEXPERTS we understand how power and abuse work and damage individuals, teams and organisations and we specialise in providing preventative measures that assist companies to become exemplar in providing a forward looking, safe and desirable environment to work in.






Our Services


We offer companies an assessment to evaluate their current needs and offer them the appropriate and most suited packages and services.


We offer companies a review of their current or a write up of policies and procedures on sexual violence at work. 


We deliver educational workshops and seminars that increase awareness of appropriate behaviours among the workforce on every level of operation from HR and management to employees.  


We help companies to develop suitable and high quality reporting systems that empower employees to speak up and report bad and damaging behaviour.

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