We offer high quality services and Relationships and Sex Education
provision to schools, that deliver the learning outcomes as per latest governmental legislation. 


                           has found that although many schools have been delivering Relationship and Sex Education for years, there are a number of vital and yet very prevalent weaknesses in current RSE delivery nationwide. 

  • lack of assessment of pupil’s prior knowledge in 58% of the schools

  • nearly 50% of schools had poor leadership and management that was a result of the subject lead lacking time to monitor and evaluate their RSE provision.

  • teachers often lacked the expertise to teach sensitive or controversial issues leading to their exclusion from the curriculum

  • in 20% of schools visited teachers have had no training in providing PSHE.

  • many topics which pupils had covered, did not always lead to pupils developing the skills to apply that knowledge.

Whether your school needs a whole RSE provision with an entry assessment and progress evaluations, single workshops and talks or teacher training, we can deliver bespoke services that meet your desired outcomes. 

Each of our packages meet the guidance and provide the learning outcomes of the latest governmental legislation on Relationships and Sex Education for secondary schools.

If your school is interested...