The law is changing, is your school prepared? 

Is your school RSE ready?

The new legislation makes relationships and sex education (RSE) a compuslory requirement for all secondary schools including academies, free schools, independent schools and maintained schools. 

We offer high quality services and Relationships and Sex Education
provision to schools, that deliver the learning outcomes as per latest governmental legislation. 


                           has found that although many schools have been delivering Relationship and Sex Education for years, there are a number of vital and yet very prevalent weaknesses in current RSE delivery nationwide. 

  • lack of assessment of pupil’s prior knowledge in 58% of the schools

  • nearly 50% of schools had poor leadership and management that was a result of the subject lead lacking time to monitor and evaluate their RSE provision.

  • teachers often lacked the expertise to teach sensitive or controversial issues leading to their exclusion from the curriculum

  • in 20% of schools visited teachers have had no training in providing PSHE.

  • many topics which pupils had covered, did not always lead to pupils developing the skills to apply that knowledge.

Whether your school needs a whole RSE provision with an entry assessment and progress evaluations, single workshops and talks or teacher training, we can deliver bespoke services that meet your desired outcomes. 

Our Services 


We offer schools an entry assessment to evaluate their current RSE needs and offer them the appropriate and most suited packages and services.


We deliver relationships & sex education workshops to school years 7-13. Our packages meet the guidance of the new governmental legislation.


Schools can add progress evaluation in addition to their packages and services. Progress evaluation will provide them with an overview of the students's advancement in knowledge and understanding in the delivered content. 


We provide coaching and 1-1 support for those responsible for delivering RSE. We can share resources, help plan sessions and be available as an assistant within teacher led sessions.

Our Packages

Each of our packages meet the guidance and provide the learning outcomes of the latest governmental legislation on Relationships and Sex Education for secondary schools.

  • Happy, healthy
    and successful relationships

    Provides the insights and know how of healthy, safe and happy relationships.

    This package focuses on Relationships, delivering a number of talks on types of relationships, their structures and characteristics, from legal status, rights and responsibilities, through the aspects of what it takes to ensure our relationships are healthy to how they impact our lives overall. We explore the topics of stereotypes in relationships, equality, consent, boundaries and limits, privacy, conflict, parenting, intimacy, emotional, psychological and physical health.

  • Sex: Being smart and
    doing it right

    Designed to deliver on sex, sexual health and well-being.

    This package focuses on sex, delivering a number of talks on consent, pleasure and accessing sexual health services. We explore the law, contraception and pregnancy including miscarriage, abortion, having children, adoption and parenting. We will deliver  information on contraception, STI’s and how to access testing and treatments, we discuss harmful behaviours such as alcohol misuse that lead to risky behaviours as well as unlawful behaviours around sex like abuse, grooming and exploitation.

  • Having Positive and Safe Experiences in Life on and offline

    Designed to focus on safety on and offline in life and relationships.

    This package delivers a number of talks on how to be safe online and offline, and in all our relationships. We will explore the types of harmful behaviours and incidents that may happen online and offline and discuss the ‘How’ of seeking support and reporting. Furthermore we will explain and share insights on how to protect our personal details, data and privacy online. In addition the topics of unlawful sex and relationships, including bullying, harassment, violence, coercion and control will also be delivered on. Information trustworthiness, safety and critical evaluation skills are also included.

  • Design Your Own Package

    Provides flexibility to schools to choose the topics for delivery.

    The ‘Design Your Own’ package offers school representatives the opportunity to pick and choose topics from our original three packages that they would like delivered in their schools. The package will still deliver a number of talks, all of which meet the guidance and provide the learning outcomes of the latest governmental legislation on Relationships and Sex Education for secondary schools.

Our packages consist of a number of talks and a recommended set of discussion groups and workshops. However in order to enhance the learning experience for the students extra workshops, discussion groups, drop in clinics, webinars, Q&A sessions and other add-on services are available to purchase along with our packages.

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