Life altering, game changing education!

Designed to empower individuals!

We specialise in sex and relationships education for adults and we help individuals who wish to improve their intimate life and future proof their relationships by providing them with services and opportunities to invest in their personal development and interpersonal skills.

Our mission is to...

Answer the difficult questions many have
Battle confusion, anxiety, loneliness and depression
Battle stigma, shame and guilt related to sex & intimacy 
Empower people and reduce the need for psychotherapy

Educate about sexual harassment and abuse
Increase relationship satisfaction
  Help people grow and enrich their lives with more happiness and pleasure


We believe that learning and personal development are key to happiness and success!

What we can help with?

Whether you wish to explore the taboo topics of sex and relationships in a safe environment, or you wish to take time for self-discovery and personal growth aiming to future proof your interpersonal relationships, we would love to help you take the most exciting learning journey of your life. 


Help individuals to improve their social skills, confidence, self-esteem, resilience, ability to deal with difficulties, maintain good physical and mental health and more...


Why invest in learning with us?

Because knowledge is power, strength and driver of change. 

With our help you will:
Gain greater understanding of sex and relationship issues and
learn how to deal with them better.
Find an increase in relationship satisfaction, intimacy and sex.

Improve your mental health, sexual health and social skills.
Have a reduced likelihood of becoming trapped in an abusive relationship.
Enhance your self-esteem and confidence.

Experience less heartbreak and sorrow.

What do we do?

We teach a broad in scope content with topics that educate individuals about the many interwoven factors that influence their psyche, sexual behaviour and relationships. We offer a unique opportunity for people to grow as individuals and as couples by teaching about the connections between the environment, mind and body.

Enriching adults with the knowledge of 21st century scientific research, established methods used by mental health professionals, modern and ancient techniques and practices for engaging and connecting the mind and the body, we aim to provide clients with the opportunity to grow as human beings - connected, aware, present in their daily lives and relationships.


We run events in the community and deliver high quality and unique Life Relevant Education for Adults!


From talks and workshops to group discussions in the community and webinars online, our content covers dozens topics on all things related to sexuality, intimacy, relationships, mental health and well-being, interpersonal skills and more! 

One to One

Do not wait for us to organise events to your liking! You have the power to choose a program or design your learning experience and personal development yourself!  One-to-one sessions are tailored to the individual based upon their needs. These incorporate all topics and methods of learning and guided personal development.


LIFESEXPERTS enlightened
me with knowledge and education I wish I was given as a young man.

—  M, 57


We have run multiple sex positive events and helped dozens of clients to learn and grow and we wish to share some of the amazing things they have said about our work.

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