Education for Prevention and Social Change!

Preventing Sexual Violence on Campus

We help universities that are in position of responsibility and duty of care to address and prevent  sexual abuse on campus by delivering specialized and truly unique services.


In the era of #metoo universities are being portrayed as
''home of rape epidemic'' due to the high statistical evidence showcasing the staggering and increasing numbers of reported sexual harassments, assaults and rape on campuses.

LIFESEXPERTS help universities that are in position of responsibility and duty of care by delivering specialised and truly unique educational services that aim at prevention.

Education is the best Prevention and Cure too!



We provide universities with a bespoke preventative provision.
Your university can choose a package or be assisted to design a unique, bespoke package.


Our delivery can take many shapes and forms, including talks in lecture formats, interactive seminars, practical workshops, panel discussions, pop-up sexual well-being events and more.


We assist universities in marketing and promoting the content they have purchased for their students and staff.


Consultancy aims to assist your university in creating new or improving existing systems for reporting abuse, engaging students and more.

Why Prevention?



                                         to target the prevalent issues universities face and provide your university with the first steps to prevention of sexual abuse and violence on campus, our packages deliver unique set of talks and workshops, driving positive social change through the power of education. 

  • All packages consist of well selected topics delivered in lecture formats 
  • Universities can add as many seminars and workshops as they wish to their packages in order to enhance the learning experience and outcome of the delivery.

  • Our packages are unique and our services bespoke.

  • We will provide your university with a free consultation to determine how we can best accommodate and deliver on your needs.

  • We will support your university in the battle for social change and prevention of sexual abuse, rather than reaction to it is our utmost priority.

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