Preventing Sexual Violence on Campus

We help universities that are in position of responsibility and duty of care to address and prevent  sexual abuse on campus by delivering specialized and truly unique services.

In the era of #MeToo universities are being portrayed as ''home of rape epidemic'' due to statistical evidence showcasing the staggering and increasing numbers of reported sexual harassment, assaults and rape on campuses.


Of students suffer sexual harassment during their studies.


Of victims actually feel able to report the incident to their university.


Of all students believe there is an understanding of consent among university students.


Of university rape survivors blame themselves for the attack.


Of sexual violence victims experience symptoms of PTSD within two weeks following the incident.

Furthermore students who have suffered sexual violence often struggle with their studies and drop out of university as a result of the traumatic experience. Studies have found that self-recrimination is a common reaction among victims and it can ultimately contribute to PTSD. Statistics show that sexual abuse is a significant antecedent of suicidal behaviour.

All universities are in position of responsibility and duty of care to their student populations. Safeguarding and good practice involve proactive employment of preventative measures that address and battle the prevalent culture of sexual violence on campus, easy to use and sophisticated reporting systems as well as first class sexual violence victims support and guidance. 

Identifying and tackling the root causes of sexual harassment and abuse as well as acting to prevent poor behaviour are the key ingredients to building positive, safe and progressive organisations and society. 

Universities that fail to employ preventative measures and support services for victims of abuse are failing to act in order to safeguard and support their student populations. Additionally the costs universities incur from having to deal with the aftermath of sexual harassment, assaults and rape is not limited to easy to measure expenses. 
Some of the social and economical costs institutions pay include: 

● staff time ● administration ● counselling ● special services dedicated to victims support ● high insurance premiums ● reputation damages ● legal costs ● withdrawal of funding, sponsorship and donations ● penalties ● high student drop out rates ● poor student feedback ● low university rating ● low student post university life and career success rates and more...

At LIFESEXPERTS we understand the problems universities face when addressing sexual violence culture on campus and we work to help organisations to prevent abuse through cultural and social change. We use the power of education to disrupt, battle and change negative and unhealthy societal, structural and cultural norms, practices and beliefs that harm our individual and collective well-being.

Investing in prevention is much more cost effective and long lasting.
How institutions invest in their student's personal development, safety, current and future well being distinguishes them on the market and builds their reputation as 21st century leaders in
Life Relevant Holistic Education.

​We offer a broad range of content delivered in lecture, seminar and workshop format.
Topics on consent, grooming, coercion, boundaries and limits, abuse and reporting, communication skills, self-care, self-esteem, sex related trauma, stigma, guilt and shame are all suitable for university students and the prevention of all types of violence and abuse. 

University students accessing Life Relevant Education in a safe environment are:

  • more confident, successful and happier 

  • less likely to suffer from anxiety and depression

  • less likely to stay in abusive relationships

  • less likely to experience unwanted pregnancies and STIs

  • more likely to complete their studies

  • more likely to succeed in life, careers, relationships, further education

  • more likely to have better self-esteem and abilities to cope with difficulties

Therefore at LIFESEXPERTS we believe in the power of Life Relevant Education and deliver a range of services that help institutions to empower young people to live the good, healthy and safe lives they deserve.  


Our Services


We provide universities with a bespoke preventative provision.
Your university can choose a package or be assisted to design a unique, bespoke package.


Our delivery can take many shapes and forms, including talks in lecture formats, interactive seminars, practical workshops, panel discussions, pop-up sexual well-being events and more.


We assist universities in marketing and promoting the content they have purchased for their students and staff.


Consultancy aims to assist your university in creating new or improving existing systems for reporting abuse, engaging students and more.


Our Packages

Our packages are designed to target the prevalent issues universities face and provide your university with the first steps to prevention of sexual abuse and violence on campus, our packages deliver unique set of talks and workshops, driving positive social change through the power of education. 

  • All packages consist of well selected topics delivered in lecture formats 
  • Universities can add as many seminars and workshops as they wish to their packages in order to enhance the learning experience and outcome of the delivery.

  • Our packages are unique and our services bespoke.

  • We will provide your university with a free consultation to determine how we can best accommodate and deliver on your needs.

  • We will support your university in the battle for social change and prevention of sexual abuse, rather than reaction to it is our utmost priority.

  • Consent and Boundaries

    Designed to help your students learn about the complex issue of consent and how to establish and protect their boundaries and limits.

    This package delivers a number of talks that explore the topics of consent and boundaries. These range in their perspective, we begin by establishing understanding of consent and coercion. We move onto the problems of establishing consent and boundaries and to learning how to build our boundaries and limits. Later the focus moves onto gaining skills and understanding of how to communicate these to others and defend them.

  • Self care 

    Designed to help individuals learn and appreciate their value and know how to take better care of themselves.

    Looking after ourselves is a skill acquired through purposeful pursuit of learning the know-how, of understanding ourselves, our needs, our value. This package focuses on self care know-how and skills. We explore how individuals view and value themselves, how our expectations of ourselves and others can be quite damaging. We look at how to be more self-sufficient and have a better relationship with ourselves.

  • Trauma and Recovery

    Designed to help your students understand trauma is and what the different paths to healing are.

    This package delivers a number of talks that explore the topics of trauma and recovery. We begin by establishing what trauma is and what are some of the many paths to recovery. We move on to discuss shame and stigma. We follow up with the connection between our minds, bodies, emotions and sexuality, in order to gain understanding of their interwoven nature and the importance of holistic approach to understanding one’s mind and body needs. Later the focus moves onto gaining skills and understanding of how to communicate our needs in relationships and the basics of how to be there for partners who experience difficulties or have trauma.

  • Ending Abuse

    Designed to help students understand the and recognise the different types of abuse and know how to act to end abuse.

    This package delivers a number of talks that explore the topics of harm and abuse. These range in their perspective, we begin by establishing understanding of how daily discourse can be harmful to our self and others perception, that may lead to hate, discrimination, dehumanising and abuse. We move on to explore unhealthy practices in relationships that may turn abusive, the different types of abuse and how to recognise them. Later the focus moves onto gaining understanding of how to communicate, ask for help and report abuse in a safe way in order to end it and protect yourself and others.

Education for Prevention and Social Change!

Prevention means...

Taking responsibility and pro-active action to introduce positive change.
Reducing the number of sexual misconduct, suffering and hurt.
Reduced costs and damages for universities.
Safer, healthier, happier, more successful student population.
Increase in good mental health, sexual health and social skills for all.



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