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Book Recommendations

I often make book recommendations to my clients, because the growth journey and experience should not be limited to the session we are having, but be enabled to spill into daily life with as much ease as possible. Reading helps clients to explore a topic or to develop a skill in a much broader and more holistic way. 

Transform Your Boundaries

transform your boundaries.jpg

We keep hearing about Boundaries and the importance of setting such - yet, it's easier said than done. 

If you're on a journey to learning the basics and wish to have a starting point - this may be a good book to get.

The Wheel of Consent

the wheel of consent.jpg

So much of hurt and heartbreak happens because people don't understand the complexities of consent. 

It's more than Yes/No! 

For those seeking to learn - this is probably the best book to go for.

Radical Honesty

radical honesty.jpg

It can be very difficult to be honest with the people in your life - especially if you've learned from a young age that surviving means abandoning yourself, your authenticity and truth.

As a grown up, you crave for people to see and love the real you. 

This book will likely challenge your view on how you should be in relationships - and that's the point.

The Ethical Slut

the ethical slut.jpg

For those curious about ethical non-monogamy, there's so much goodness in this book - I always recommend it to those keen to explore the lifestyle.

However, as always, it's one thing reading a book about piloting a plane - it's another to attempt it. 

If you're on a journey to explore and open your relationship - don't get in the plane without the guided help of a professional.

Not giving a Fuck

the art of not giving a fuck.jpg

I regularly recommend this book to clients who struggle with anxiety and thinking ''too much'' of what other people may think of them.



Sometimes we love others so much and give and give and give. 

Yet, we don't give ourselves the love and self-compassion we need. 

This book is a great tool, to help you explore and give yourself self-compassion.

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