About Leah Spasova

Psychologist and Educator

Hi, my name is Leah and I help individuals thrive through personal growth and development. People I have worked with say that they feel safe, judgement-free and able to explore in unique and rewarding ways like never before. 


And I am glad I can provide this, which I realise I owe to the fact that I grew up in a steady home with unconditional love from my parents, very caring grandparents and a protective older sister. Sadly though most people outside of my family seemed to be struggling a lot especially so with finances, alcoholism, and abusive relationships. As my family is quite open they shared with me both the life stories of our neighbours and their own too. No story was spared - I heard stories of death of siblings and parents, lost to both physical illness and poor mental health. I heard stories of alienated famililies, ill-timed pregnancies and thus hard choices and abortions, domestic abuse, addiction, suicide, even homicide and more. 

These powerful true stories opened my eyes to the realities of human nature and relationships. By the age of 14, hardly any story could faze me. And I was lucky to become a member and a volunteer of the Youth Club of a local NGO that provides services for victims of domestic abuse, human trafficking and addiction. This is when all of the bad stories started to make sense as I learned more and more about healthy and unhealthy relationships, power dynamics, mental health and so on. And it was there I learned about the power of prevention - that ‘knowing better’ meant ‘doing better’ and thus ‘leading a better, safer, happier life’.     

Over the years as I piled up more and more training, independent learning, higher education qualifications, experience in the mental health field I helped everyone that I could with their relationships and so  I earned a reputation for being non judgemental, helpful and knowledgeable. That made me the Go-To person for all matters relationships. 


People believe going to therapy or seeking help from an expert is expensive and difficult and that there’s no need to do it unless there’s a crisis and they’ve experienced serious breakdowns - fortunately this is not true. 


There is a huge benefit from investing in oneself when things are good, not only because they can always be better, but because our lives and relationships can be spared the pain, suffering and trauma . Yes, you can put a price on divorce, court and lawyer fees, lost jobs due to the weight of relationship breakdowns, but you cannot put a price on broken hearts, emotional suffering from anxiety, loneliness and depression, lost relationships with partners, children, friends and even family. Similarly when people grow and are happy and thriving - you cannot put a price on their happiness, creativity, infectious joy, productivity and success.


I believe that we Live to learn, and when we Learn - we live better. Hence my mission is to share my knowledge and skills with people who are done surviving guesswork and trial and error methodology of learning and are ready to grow and thrive in their relationships and lives overall - both at home and at work.

What people say about Leah and her work...

Michelle Eic

Leah gives you the "safe space" everyone craves for. It is so easy to talk to her, to open up and let her in deep. Whether you're laughing or crying, it just feels right. No judgement, just understanding and respect, that's Leah. She helps you find your hidden thoughts and feelings, what you can work on and how. She is like your best friend, she just knows what you're talking about and it feels like home. I'm super glad that I could share my mind with her. Thank you, Leah!

Aleksandra Stojanovic

I have joined 2 of the social meetups hosted by Leah, and have enjoyed them immensely. It has been amazing discussing different topics that you usually do not discuss as openly with people every day and gaining different perspectives on issues you are interested in. Leah has done such a great job of creating this virtual space for people from all over the world to meet and interchange ideas and thoughts, and I am very thankful for that! As a host, she has provided a welcome and respectful atmosphere for people to comfortably share their thoughts and opinions, however controversial or different they might be.

Lynn Pang

Lifesexperts have provided a lot of interesting contents in an non-judgemental and open community for me, such as webinar to social events that I have always enjoyed. I have joined a couple of the social events and it was surprisingly fun and easy, I was able to discuss anything from philosophical topics to even some more taboo topics without the worries of being judged. You can easily tell that Leah is very knowledgeable in her understanding on sexuality and relationship simply by being in a conversation with her or just listening to one of her webinar. I would recommend Lifesexpert for anyone with an keen interest in sexuality or even just wanted a platform to explore life and relationship as a whole.


Leah tackles some of the most taboo yet meaningful subjects in modern life. A true pioneer! thank you

Ella Tressler

I'm new to the world of Poly and I'm finding Leah's webinars and info super helpful! I find her very approachable which is great when wanting to ask in depth questions!

Sara C.

Always interesting chats and information on all sexual matters. Thank you 💜

J Ode

A great surprise to see how easy it's been to open up and confide in Leah.
Expect an authentic and insightful journey.
Can't recommend her highly enough.

Scott Culverwell

I always find Leah has a considered, honest and fearless perspective on the world and this comes through in her one to one sessions and also the content on Patreon.

I wish I could speak to Leah everyday and get her views on the daily and weekly occurrences in my love and sex life.

Ben Qureshi 

Leah's events have been exceptionally good. She has done a fantastic job of bringing excellent people together and inciting profound and moving conversation. She has also provided me with some very wise counsel, free of charge, out of simple kindness. She has a great understanding of promoting work, and of the value of social networks. I'm really glad I was lucky enough to meet her

Zain Hussain
Musculoskeletal Podiatrist

I've know Leah for a few years now and I have found her to be really attentive and supportive person. It is easy to talk to her as she listens closely and always provides ideas for adequate solutions of problems, that tackle issues in tactful and appropriate manner.
I wish I could speak to Leah everyday and get her views on the daily and weekly occurrences in my love and sex life.


Psychology and Counselling - particularly social psychology, cognitive-behavioural therapy, psychology of sexuality, cultural diversity
Mental Health - worked with young people with challenging behaviour, vulnerable adults with severe mental health conditions, individuals suffering from depression and anxiety, delivery of sexuality and relationships education, worked with LGBTQI+ folk, HIV/AIDS positive folk, victims of domestic abuse etc.  


British Psychological Society