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Take care of your company by looking after your employees

Take care of your company by looking after your employees

Companies' success is highly dependant on the well-being of their workforce. Employee's productivity, efficiency, creativity and ability to perform to high standards are all in the core of what make companies thrive and succeed. But employees ability to show up at work and be charged, driven and thrive rely on other factors - some of those being their mental health, quality of relationships at and outside work and sense of being supported, heard and taken care of.

We help companies to focus on business and growth while we help improve and future-proof the mental health and well-being of their workforce and thus:

  • Increase productivity and enhance performance

  • Improve teamwork and thus social wellbeing in the workplace as well as achievement and success of teams

  • Reduce absenteeism and high staff turnover due to burnout and work-related stress

  • Prevent reputational damage and high staff turnover due to unhealthy power dynamics and toxic work environment

  • Prevent reputational damage, lost staff time at work, and legal issues due to sexual harassment and gender-based discrimination

  • Get the best ROI for your business resulting from the personal development of your staff

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Challenges, Issues & Improvements We Help Companies With

Work Relationships
Individual's Wellbeing
Systems & Structures
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Low uptake of support services  |  Individuals Wellbeing

Despite the best efforts of some companies and their well curated list of support services for their employees, many workers do not take advantage of the employee benefits offered to them - even when the services are paid for by the organization.

Low uptake of support services discourages companies from investing in more such services. However, the low uptake is not an indicator of lack of need. Some of the personal reasons for not taking advantage of the services provided can be employees low-self-worth, lack of self-care skills, limited time, stigma, as well as lack trust in their employers, the intentions behind these offers and fear for their confidentiality. Furthermore other factors can be poor communication and thus knowledge of the services, negative perceptions of the benefits and broader company culture are often reflected in this phenomenon.

We can help your company to identify and address the core reasons behind the low uptake of the support services by your employees and create long-term systems that will improve and maintain a higher uptake of employee assistance programs and offers by your teams.


Our Savvy Solutions

Team Meeting

Companies that treat their employees as an asset and invest in their growth see their businesses grow too.


We know that people learn in diverse ways, hence we provide specialised and tailored up-skill training that focuses on empowerment through education with equal focus on passive, interactive, experiential and applied learning opportunities for your workforce - of every level of operation from HR and management to employees.

  • Workshops

  • Courses

  • Health Promotion

  • Growth & Accountability Groups

Investment Chart

Company culture and reputation rely on the structures and systems that build, support, and maintain them.


This is why we help you champion your business by addressing stigma, harmful social norms, damaging gendered discrimination in the workplace through the review, improvement, and if need be even an overhaul of your current policies, procedures, internal systems, and general structures of communication across the business.

  • Assessment

  • Workplace Wellbeing Strategy

  • Structures & Systems Improvement

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What you do makes a difference.

And you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make. 

-Jane Goodall

From Start to Finish




To make sure our services meet the needs and goals of companies we start with an exploration call or meeting and a baseline assessment. This helps us to evaluate and determine the services with the highest RIO for our clients.



Following completion of the base-line assessment, we design the most suited package and services for the company’s needs with high RIO and impact in mind.



Finally, we focus on executing the action plan and evaluating the benefits and results achieved at each milestone or periodical set, while also collecting feedback and continuously reinforcing the positive impact and progress made along the way.

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Your company is unique and deserves our dedicated and fully tailored support

Since our services for companies are bespoke we need to learn more about your organisation and needs in order to tailor our offers for you. To get started fill out the Contact form at the bottom of this page and we will get back to you to arrange a meeting and discuss your company's unique needs and aims.

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People and organisations thrive
when systems and structures empower them


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