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We help you empower your workforce by addressing invisible stigma, harmful social norms, damaging gendered discrimination and preventing sexual harassment and abuse at the workplace.

We provide organisations with preventative measures and services that increase awareness of appropriate behaviours among the workforce on every level of operation from HR and management to employees.  

Take care of your company by looking after your employees

Companies' success is highly dependant on the well-being of their workforce. Employee's productivity, efficiency, creativity and ability to perform to high standards are all in the core of what make companies thrive and succeed. But employees ability to show up at work and be charged, driven and thrive rely on other factors - some of those being their mental health, quality of relationships at and outside work and sense of being supported, heard and taken care of.

We help companies with

  • invisible but damaging toxic work environment and discriminatory policies and practices

  • work and personal relationships impacting individuals' well-being, productivity and professional success

  • improving group dynamics and building teams that excel in working together 

  • prevention of power abuse leading to sexual harassment and bullying

By addressing

  • invisible stigma, harmful social norms and beliefs, damaging gendered belief systems at work and beyond

  • harmful gender based power dynamics

  • lack of awareness and skills in employees on keeping healthy working environment and relationships 

  • structures and systems that keep people and organisations stuck in negative and damaging patterns

So that companies and employees can thrive and achieve greater success and lasting prosperity!

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People and organisations thrive
when systems and structures empower them

Our Services

Truly Bespoke Services

Since our services for companies are bespoke we need to learn more about the organisations and their needs in order to tailor our offers for them. To arrange a meeting please fill the form below and we will get back to you to discuss your company's needs and aims.


We offer companies an assessment to evaluate their current needs and offer them the appropriate and most suited packages and services.


We offer companies a review of their current policies and procedures on employee's support and well-being. 


We deliver educational workshops and seminars as well as support groups that increase individuals' ability to engage in and be part of healthy and supportive relationships and environments at work and beyond.   


We help companies to develop suitable and highly effective communication structures that empower employees to speak up and seek help.

Get in touch  |  Tel: 07593359159

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What you do makes a difference.

And you have to decide what kind of difference you want to make. 

-Jane Goodall