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This is your journey! Whatever sits closest to your heart - we can explore and work with.

Quit feeling lost and unfulfilled. Let's build your skills set, help you gain a better understanding of yourself and your partner(s), expand on your sexuality and expression,
get out of unhealthy patterns in relationships and build a life full of passion, pleasure, excitement, love, peace and confidence. 

Finding the support you need...

Are you finding yourself tired of feeling frustrated, lonely, unfulfilled, and/or lost in your intimate life and relationships?
Spending life stuck and unhappy, feeling like a lab rat – trying to figure out a maze without a map can be soul-destroying but thankfully, you don't have to settle and accept it.

Hey there, I'm Leah 

I am a psychologist specialising in sex(uality) and relationships and have been talking, teaching, and helping people with the most private of challenges, issues, and questions since 2007.

No story can faze me. You are safe - I'll get you. I will understand and not judge one bit - your experiences are human. And I am here to help you build the fulfilling relationships and intimate life you desire and deserve. 

Have questions or want to see if I am the right person to help you? Don't be a stranger, drop me an email or simply schedule a chat.
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Challenges and curiosities I can help you with...

Interestingly, most of my male clients are over 40 years of age and struggle with building relationships that meet their emotional needs and intimate desires. On the other hand, most of my female clients are under 35 years of age and find themselves struggling with challenging or confusing relationships and/or difficulties with intimate satisfaction and pleasure.

Many of my clients face intimate challenges related to libido, arousal and orgasm, but also to understanding and expressing their desires and needs. Shame, feelings of guilt and a sense of intimate inadequacy preclude them from experiencing their full pleasure potential as the sexual human being they are.

Exploration of topics such as alternative models of relationships, like polyamory, and also alternative sexual practices - as BDSM & kink are also common ''visitors'' in my sessions.

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Love, Connection & Partnership

Whether you are single or coupled, relationships can be tough to deal with - both those with others and the one with ourselves. Hence if you feel lost or want to get more out of your relationship(s) I can help with:

- Dating challenges: from creating an appealing online profile to preparing for dates -

- finding yourself locked in patterns that sabotage your life & relationships  - 

- finding yourself stuck and unable to move to a healthier place with yourself and the relationship(s) that you have -

- how to cope with challenging emotions towards a partner, i.e. distrust, jealousy, indifference etc. -

- feeling like losing yourself in relationships and forgetting your own needs -

and more...

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Sex(uality) & Pleasure

If you're faced with intimacy challenges or are curious about exploring and expanding on your pleasure potential, I can help you with:

- addressing issues with your sex drive and/or sexual performance -

- finding new ways and paths to pleasure in your body -

- communicating your desires to partner(s) so that you can enjoy a more fulfilling intimate life -

- improving & spicing up your intimate life -

- body and sex-drive, enjoying intimacy, communicating your desires & fantasies - 

- overcoming confusion, shame and guilt related to sex and pleasure - 

- finding the sex-toys & sex-parties that can bring the wild experiences you desire - 

and more...


Open relationships & BDSM

If the alternative lifestyle - be it the relationship models or kink and BDSM dynamics tickle your interest I can help you with:

- figuring out which relationship model would work best for you - 

- how to navigate safely utilizing boundaries and limits to protect your emotional wellbeing and relationship(s) from breakdown -

- making sense of kinky desires -

- finding and joining your local BDSM community for events and play -

- how to cope with feelings of jealousy and nurture compersion in your open relationship(s) -  

- how to transition from a monogamous to an open relationship - 


- dealing with relationship challenges specific to polyamory and open relationships -

and more...

What Clients Say... 

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Want to chat and explore if I'm the right professional for you?
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Embarking on a journey to personal growth, intimate fulfillment and relationship bliss can take many forms, do you want to explore further...?

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