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Welcome to Leah's Podcast Appearances page! Here, you will find a comprehensive list of all the podcasts Leah has been a guest on. From in-depth conversations about industry trends to personal anecdotes and advice, Leah's appearances offer a wide range of insights and perspectives.


If you're looking for inspiration, advice, and a fresh perspective on sex and relationship matters and personal development, be sure to check out the list of podcasts Leah has appeared on

Podcast Episode Description

In the latest podcast episode my guest, Leah Spasova and I discuss Kink, BDSM, Sexuality, Fantasies & Relationships. Leah is a social psychologist and educator, specialising in sex and relationships education for adults to learn more about Leah visit her website.

Podcast Episode Description

In this episode, we're joined by Social Psychologist Leah Spasova.


Leah specialises in sex and relationships education for adults. She is the Founder and CEO of LIFESEXPERTS. Leah runs educational events on all topics related to sex and healthy relationships. She works with individuals, offering sessions on a one-to-one basis and educates individuals about the many interwoven factors that influence their psyche, sexual behaviour and relationships. Leah offers a unique opportunity for people to grow as individuals and as couples by teaching about the connections between the environment, mind and body. In this episode we dive into relationships - what does a healthy relationship look like? The importance of unconditional love and respect, Letting go of others' expectations, important relationship skills we should all develop and why they are so important.


Mentioned in this episode

  • Book: Sex and Punishment - Erik Berkowitz

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Podcast Episode Description

The controversial one you've been waiting for, covering sex, abortion, and consent!

*Trigger warning- abortion*

Leah shares her story of growing up in a sex-positive household, and how that laid the foundation to providing sexual education that is free from shame or bias to others.

We discuss sexual culture, the importance of stage appropriate vs. age-appropriate sex ed, as well as how to navigate conversations around bearing children.

Podcast Episode Description

In this episode, Leah talks about the reasons why couples struggle with communication.


She goes beyond the question of why we need to communicate to how we need to communicate.


Clarifying the difference between speaking and communicating. Leah Spasova is a psychologist, sex, and relationships educator. She is the CEO of LIFESEXPERTS. Her work focuses on helping people improve, future-proof their relationships, and enjoy more fulfilling intimate lives.

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