Why choose one-to-one?

Our one-to-one sessions are tailored to your needs and wants, you have the opportunity to explore the taboo topics of sex and relationships in an open manner, in a judgment-free environment, and with a trusted expert who would guide you to discover new ways of being in your life and relationships that can make you happier, healthier and more fulfilled in your relationships and intimate life.

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You don't have to burn in order to learn...
Let's get you on the path to fulfillment and happiness!

How would we work?

One-to-one sessions are meant to work according to your preferences, convenience and style of work. You may wish to bring up certain questions or things you want to learn more about and improve on, or you may feel lost and unsure of what you need in order to grow and improve yourself and your relationships. Whichever it is, we will reflect on it all, walk down some memory lanes, explore your ideas about sex and relationships and begin the learning journey in an organic and flowing way, never forgetting these are your sessions and you are in power to lead your experience and growth. 


Sessions take 60 minutes each. Clients can book flexible sessions during working week hours, evenings, and even on Saturdays.


Online appointments are available via Zoom. Phone calls are also an option.
In-person sessions are available for clients based in Oxford, UK. 


Whether you have a clear goal or wish to grow with the flow, all sessions are meant to empower you with life-changing knowledge and understanding of life, sex and everything in between. 


Yes, you read this right. Homework can take many (non-boring) forms and is an advised on part of the growth experience. Yet, no homework is ever mandatory and you can choose whether you wish to do it or not. 

Leah Spasova

Leah Spasova

Social psychologist
Sex and Relationships Educator

 My great passion for understanding and discussing the most taboo topics, especially those around sexuality and relationships go way back to my pre-teen years when knowledge was the one thing that no one could deny me or keep me away from. 

Over the years as I piled up more and more training, independent learning, higher education qualifications, experience in the mental health field I helped everyone that I could with their relationships. This earned me a reputation - for being non-judgemental, helpful, and knowledgeable and it made me the Go-To person for all matters of relationships for friends and strangers (who have heard about me from here and there).

A few years ago an existential crisis sent me solo-traveling through Europe. I finally had the head-space (outside of the rat-race) that helped me realize, that people have sought me out for that knowledge and support for too long and it only made sense to formalize it. Today - this is LIFESEXPERTS and my work as a professional specializing in sexuality and relationships. I am happy to say that I do what I love and I'm good at and my client's lives are positively changed; for me - that's what matters the most!

Working with me

I specialise in the psycho-social aspect of sex and relationships and work predominantly with adults,
most often with single cis gender men and women. 

I help individuals embark on a journey to self-discovery, awareness, acceptance and authentic expression.  

My aim is to educate and empower my clients with knowledge and understanding of their chosen topics and concepts in order to help them make better informed choices. Choices that will lead them to happier, more open, pleasure filled and positive sexual expression and experiences, as well as relationships with themselves and others. 

My work is informed by the social sciences, yet I also utilise knowledge from other fields of life, science and research, including but not limited to philosophy, history, ancient wisdom, economy and beyond.

I felt like I have to know it all and too proud to ask questions. That made me inadequate and I struggled with women because I did  not actually know even fundamental things about sex and relationships.


In my culture, we don't talk about sex and relationships. I have zero experience and felt like even knowing things will make me bad. There is nothing shameful or bad to want to be educated!

I feel safer and empowered now!

F, 22

Leah is so easy to talk to and open up to! 
She made me feel safe and not judged,
in a way I have not felt before.

She helped me learn so much about myself, my needs, my body, my relationships.

F, 36

I thought there is something wrong with me and that my sex life is dying. I was reluctant to go to my GP or therapy. So I am so glad I met Leah when I did. The insights and education she gave me are priceless.
I am not damaged or dysfunctional, I simply had to make changes that I didn't even know were needed and affected me so badly.

M, 27

Leah's least favourite thing to hear is
''I wish I had known this earlier'', but it is true. Thank you Leah for you have changed my life in the most amazing way!



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