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Workshops and talks, webinars and discussion groups, join us for our events focused on education and personal growth. Our events are suitable for independent individuals, professionals in the education or well-being sector and beyond.

Our content covers dozens of topics on all things related to sexuality, intimacy, relationships, mental health and well-being, interpersonal skills and more. Our events are sex-positive, inclusive and welcoming to all human beings irrespective of sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, physical ability, relationship status, etc. 


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Event Testimonials

Event Testimonials 

Walked out yesterday feeling like a new person.

Discussion Group Attendee

It was amazing! This is my first event intro I had and was enlightening. I would love to learn more about the kink scene.

Workshop Attendee

I liked how relatable Leah's examples were during the webinar. She can be quite animated and fun to listen to.

Webinar Attendee

Really, really useful! Very thought provoking. Will change my practices in the future. 


Workshop Attendee

The transparency of the attendees was admirable! There was a good crowd there and I really loved how no topic was out of bounds while sensitivities were still present.

Discussion Group Attendee

I thought it was really interesting to meet people I otherwise wouldn't have and to hear how they interact with life I guess. I'm glad I came.

Discussion Group Attendee

Well presented and structured - learned a lot, as I am new to the topic.

Live Talk Attendee

Really great to listen to [Leah] discuss relationships and how to nourish them. Relationships are hard work and we need to learn how to make them successful, which will make us happy in them.

Live Talk Attendee

Great speaker! Charismatic and well spoken. Thank you Leah

Workshop Attendee

The books on the table really helped us to get in such great, deep discussions, thanks Leah.

Discussion Group Attendee

 Leah's work is so needed in an age when so many are truly stumbling through sexual aspects of life. She has a great model with a super philosophy that is needed. I have applied what I've learned from her.

Webinar Attendee

The event was well organised and we felt extremely satisfied with the things we got to learn.

Live Event Attendees

Leah is so easy to listen to, she can easily break the ice with her genuine and open approach to difficult topics.

Live Talk Attendee

It was good to meet new people and not have to endure small talk. We had quite a good discussion.

Discussion Group Attendee

I think that it was a good presentation, good location, the right length and amount of information. I enjoyed it.

Live Talk Attendee

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We aim to make our events as much relevant to you as possible. So we invite you to contact us anonymously or not, to share with us your thoughts and questions before our events and of course your reflections and feedback after them. To do that anonymously, you can use the Ask and Share form. Otherwise you can email us at:

Our tickets are non refundable. However if you are unable to make it, you can resell them to others or gift them. You don't have to inform us about it - just forward your confirmation email.

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