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Empower Your Workforce

We help you to empower your workforce by addressing invisible stigma, harmful social norms, damaging gendered discrimination that harm the productivity, retention and success of your employees.

Despite the considerable progress that has been made towards achieving gender equality in the world of work, certain factors seem to be preventing it from accelerating. There are many subtle and even invisible factors that affect both men and women negatively and as a result reflect on people's ability to perform to high standards and achieve success and prosperity to themselves and their organisations.  

For this reason it is in our best interest to learn about these, manage their impacts, do our best to prevent and ultimately change how we administer our social institutions, social structures, and how we relate to one another. It is time to address the invisible stigma, harmful social norms and damaging discrimination in order to prevent them, change and grow as individuals, communities, society and nations.


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The division of labour between men and women makes a major contribution to the material and social inequalities associated with gender. It has a dual aspect in that, first, most women still retain the primary responsibility for caring and domestic work (which is usually unpaid), and second, women do not gain the same level of reward from participation in paid employment as do men.


Single parents, irrespective of gender, are also affected by work limitations such as being less likely to be able to work full-time and therefore less likely to receive a promotion, to be able to pay for childcare and to pursue greater challenges in professional plan due to lack of good processes and support by their employers.


The Corona Virus [COVID19] pandemic brought to the light more of the challenges men and women face daily to the surface and are now more acknowledged by employers than ever before.   

Analysing the Numbers

In light of COVID19 research on labour division in the home was conducted by the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) and University College London (UCL) and showed that mums are only able to do one hour of uninterrupted work, for every three hours done by dads. Data showed that mothers are doing, on average, more childcare and more housework than fathers who have the same work arrangements

Such gaps in labour division, invisible and not taken into consideration by employers before are now more visible and can explain why women's productivity and work efficiency during lock down is severely impacted and even reduced. 

This gap in itself, if unaddressed by companies can lead to poor performance and loss of jobs and income for those women, and single parents regardless of gender, who are vulnerable and lack the support networks and systems they relied on until the COVID19 pandemic.

Image by Avel Chuklanov

Everybody's issues

People live in a complex system of interdependence and reliance. When any one part of society - be it a system, a structure, a service or people suffer due to inequality, imbalance or injustice all else is impacted due to the connections in our highly interwoven systems, structures and society.


It is not only women who suffer due to damaging social norms and injustices coming from inequality, it is every person who is lacking power and support in their lives

For instance when single parents struggle with workloads, low wages and lack of support and opportunities - their children and families suffer too, their companies are not benefiting from their growth potential and the economy is not supported better by their labour - both socially and commercially.

It is simple, when people struggle, companies struggle as a result and when companies struggle whole economies are damaged and therefore even more people and societies are negatively impacted too.
Ignoring the interwoven nature of our structures, systems and people's lives only damages our collective well-being and success.





If your workforce is thriving despite the challenges, imagine what real thriving would look like if they were truly empowered.

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Our Services


We offer companies an assessment to evaluate their current needs and offer them the appropriate and most suited packages and services.


We offer companies a review of their current policies and procedures on employee's support and well-being. 


We deliver educational workshops and seminars as well as support groups that increase individuals' ability to engage in and be part of healthy and supportive relationships and environments at work and beyond.   


We help companies to develop suitable and highly effective communication structures that empower employees to speak up and seek help.

Learn more about how we can help your organisation...

Since our services for companies are bespoke and  we need to learn more about the organisations in order to tailor our offers for them, please fill the form below, we will get back to you and answer your questions promptly.

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