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Webinar: How To Expand On Your Sexual Experiences?


We all want mind-blowing sexual experiences, and we can all have them, it's a matter of finding the right way and words to introduce these difficult conversations jumping over fear of rejection, ridicule and shame. In this webinar I share with you how to approach the difficult topics with your partner(s) and create and hold safe space for yourself and others which will enable and empower you all to enjoy rich, fulfilling, exciting sexual encounters. You will learn how to hold space and how to request that safe space for yourself, in which open conversations flow and enrich your relationships. This is not limited to conversations about sexuality, but about everything. You will learn how to choose and even create the right moments to start a difficult or sexual conversation. You will learn about Sharing and how to minimise the risks of opening up and maximise the positive outcomes too. Watch this enriching learning experience that will give you the Know-How of having the scary conversations that stand in between you and your sexually charged and rich desired intimate life.

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