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Webinar: Can I be poly if I'm jealous?


It is a myth that to do poly right, you should never feel jealousy. The question is not how to avoid feelings of jealousy but rather, how can I turn these feelings into growth, development and better self care. Leah has been practising ethical non-monogamy (ENM) since 2012, but has known that monogamy does not suit her since her early teens. Roy and Jessie have been in a non-hierarchical polyamorous relationship for nearly 2 years and both have other partners of varying degrees of intimacy, connection and commitment. Roy has been poly for about 10 years while Jessie is new to ENM and polyamory. We will share some ways in which we have dealt with feelings often associated with jealousy and what we do to process and deal with them in the moment and long term. We break down what is often lumped under the umbrella term 'jealousy' to uncover what is underneath - a crucial process in confronting our insecurities and fear. Your Guest: Roy has been openly and ethically non monogamous for nearly 10 years, experiencing open relationships, solo-poly, primary and non hierarchical poly relationships. He speaks 3 languages and has lived on 4 continents, travelling extensively and immersing himself in different cultures. Roy has facilitated workshops on polyamory, radical honesty and jealousy, is founder of a London based men's group for alternative relationships and co-organiser of Sex Geekdom London.

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