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Webinar: 7 Secrets of Sexual Transmutation


Sexual energy is a powerful tool that can increase your happiness and creativity! Why don't we utilise our internal powers and channel our sexual charge into the life satisfaction and growth we want? For this webinar I invited Alex Mill who has years worth of experience exploring spirituality and sexuality. Learning how to mindfully notice and channel this infinitely creative energy through our physical and energetic body can elevate all areas of our life, from bedroom to boardroom. Vice versa, an unhealthy relationship to our own sexuality and a misuse of our sexual energy can leave us depleted, stagnant and unproductive, both at home and in business. In this webinar you'll get to know the 7 secrets to mastering your sexual energy debunking popular myths about sex transmutation looking at how men and women use this force in different ways giving you practical tools to start your (hopefully lifelong) journey of turning self-sabotaging, addictive and harmful patterns into a thriving, creative, heart-centred life.

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