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Good Sex Bad Sex Podcast

Updated: Jul 19, 2021

What does sex and relationships for adults look like? LIFESEXPERTS utilise the knowledge we accumulate in the social sciences to help people learn about themselves and their partners and have better relationships and sex lives.

Your sex life and relationships depend way more on your investment in your personal development than you can probably imagine. Learning what works for you and what you need in relationships, in sex, in life is a process of continuous exploration, discovery, trials and more. It's okay to not know, it is great to be curious and passionate, it is life altering and game changing to learn what science has to say and teach you about having better relationships and a life and lifestyle you want.

Relationships are like anything else, you need to invest in learning about them, to be successful.

Being happy, successful, healthy takes time, investment, determination and desire to look after yourself and your personal growth. Disney like fairy tales aside, getting what you want is not an easy thing and it does not 'just happen' in real life once you're in a relationship. Chances are you and your partner are not psychic and cannot read each others minds. So why fall into deep dangerous traps of miscommunication, easy to overcome difficulties that kill romance and love if left unattended, sex lives that not only can be 'saved' but enhanced.

The great hosts of Good Sex Bad Sex podcast, a Metro production, Miranda Kane and Bibi Lynch asked Leah to share about her work as a psychologist and relationships and sex educator for adults.

You can listen to the podcast here > Are you a sexpert?

On iTunes and other apps where you get your podcasts.

Feel free to comment below and share your thoughts with us.



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