The 5 C's For Sex Beyond Your Wildest Dreams - Webinar

Sex is often portrayed as this very physical activity, where people just flow into and to which there’s a natural progression. Many believe that if the people are right for each other, it’ll just be mind-blowing every time and there’s no need of talking about sex or negotiating. But the truth is, that in order to have amazing sex, we need to feel safe in order to be vulnerable with another and give in to passion and experimentation.

For this webinar, we have sex coach Vivien Burke of Partnership Matters, as she shares with us the about the concept of the ‘Safety Container’ and the way in which practising the wisdom from it can help you and your partners to open up to more intimacy and the sexual growth you desire.

Defining ‘’Safety container’’?

The container is the foundation for creating safety with your partners, thus giving access to pleasure beyond your wildest dreams. Educating yourself about the 5 C’s and using consent in your relationships can be one of the most powerful tools you can learn. It creates healthy boundaries and gives your lovers agency in the creation of ideal sex life.

The 5 C’s

  • Consent

  • Confidentiality

  • Consciousness

  • Care

  • Contribution

Get access to this brilliant and helpful webinar now - and learn how to manage a safe space for your intimate adventures.