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Business Wisdom for Success in Personal Relationships

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

What if we can steal the wisdom businesses have that allow them to sustain relationships that last centuries and apply it to our own personal relationships?

Tune in this unique webinar and learn how to change your perspective on all types of relationships and make them more successful - family, friendships or romantic relationships - we can improve them all if we explore them through a new prism.

Most people play games when they approach potential relationships, this is evident even in the way they talk about potential partners and the encounters they have with them. ‘’I was so invested, but they were not’’, ‘’We were not on the same page.’’, ‘’They are pressing my buttons!’’, ‘’They turn me on!’’, ‘’I didn’t sign up to this!’’ we all use these expressions but what if we dive into exploring their true meaning and can spin it all to make even more sense and work for us. And what can wisdom can we steal from businesses have that allow them to sustain complex relationships that last centuries and apply it to our own personal relationships?

So let's learn from business on how to establish connections, relationships and more in a healthier fashion? This topic provokes reflections on personal models of game playing and provides an opportunity for guided personal development through the adoption of alternative approaches to relationships.



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