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Can I be poly if I'm jealous?

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

For this webinar, you'll have psychologist and sex and relationship expert Leah Spasova and sex and relationship coach Roy Graff.

Feeling that you somehow diverge from the socially accepted 'normal' can be difficult to handle, especially if you live in a more socially conservative environment. If you have made a promise to your partner that you will be monogamous and exclusive in your affections, realising that this conflicts with who you are, can be incredibly distressing and there is real fear in bringing it up with your partner. Will they freak out? Will they leave us? Will you end up hurting them too much?

Roy: ''Even when I am able to live my polyamorous self and enjoy fulfilling relationships, there is the additional challenge of letting my close friends and family circle, or my community, know about it. I am afraid of being judged harshly, of being ostracized. This is a valid feeling in our society, for many.''

Leah: ''Being authentic and opening up does not come easy when so many folk are conditioned that conforming is what brings them and sustains connection with others. Yet, the journey to authentic life is vital if we are to live a life that we're happy with.''

In this webinar, we discuss the process of bringing up the subject of opening up, with a partner - how to prepare, what do we need to have in the bedrock of our relationship for this to not lead to a full-blown crisis? When is the right time to bring this up?

We also talk about coming to terms with who we are and sharing our truth with our close circle of family and friends. How to approach them, when is it the right thing to do, and when is it better to keep it confidential?



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