How to be confident in bed with a new partner? - Webinar

Updated: Apr 6

Confidence is the one thing that often stands in our way to having a great time in any social circumstance. But when it comes to intimacy and sex, our willingness to enter an awfully vulnerable state when we are not feeling confident in ourselves is a difficult task.

In this talk we will focus on two sides of confidence when it comes to having intimacy and sex with partners, new or not so new.

  • Body confidence - this will include body shape, fitness, penis size, vulva concerns etc.

  • Confidence in sexual ability - this will include concerns about durability, arousal, ability to pleasure, to communicate, to relax etc.

We will take the opportunity to re-frame, that is to look in alternative ways to the things that concern us and reevaluate our position. We will also share some tips for approaching intimacy and increasing your confidence prior and during your intimate encounters.

This talk is equally valuable and suitable to folk of all sexualities and gender identities.

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