Oh we contributed for a Kinkly article!

Read this brilliant article by Jon Pressick published in Kinkly for which LIFESEXPERTS contributed with a valuable point of view on sex and sexual stamina.

Kinkly provides the open, honest sexual education you wish you got in high school, with a little bit of fun.

'Hold on! Normally, this is where a good sex ed-type piece will say “no, that’s a myth we need to dispel!” Well, in this situation ... that is only half-true. Sexual stamina can be a concern at both ends of the spectrum. And, while it isn't the be-all and end-all that many people think it is, it is definitely a multi-pronged issue that needs some further discussion.' Read further here > Want to Last Longer? It's Called Stamina Training and It's Exactly What It Sounds Like It Is


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