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Sex Redefined - To More Pleasure, Fun and Satisfaction

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

In this webinar we shall redefine sex and pleasure by looking at our limitless options and capacity to have more intimate and pleasurable experiences with partners and by ourselves. We shall explore how we can stay present in the moment and engage our minds during intimate encounters, rather than lose our mind wandering into our to do list, the laundry, the kids, the next day meeting at the office. We shall also briefly discuss what and when we need to communicate to our partners to ensure more pleasure and satisfaction for both. This webinar is inclusive to all genders and sexual orientations and beyond - if you’re a human being this one is for you!

Why is this important to people?

Enjoying your body is a mix of art and science. We are so used to thinking of sex and pleasure in very limited terms. Therefore we want to offer you the opportunity to expand your horizons and explore and learn how to enjoy yourself and your partners even more. Furthermore for many women/vagina owners penetrative intercourse may be painful, not pleasurable enough, not interesting, not desired for a variety of reasons - from health conditions like endometriosis to negative experiences that have impact on mental health and desire or ability to engage in penetrative sex. Likewise the same applies to many men/penis owners for whom penile intercourse may be difficult, not pleasurable enough, not interesting or not desired for a variety of reasons - from health conditions that cause issues with erection to psychological barriers that make penetrative intercourse undesired and avoided.

This however does not make a person less of a sexual human being - desire and need for intimacy and pleasure are still there and can be experienced and enjoyed outside of penetrative sex. Therefore during this webinar we shall explore the following:

  • Mainstream ideas of sex - We shall look at how most people define sex and the limiting and damaging nature these definitions have on us as sexual beings

  • Engaging a wandering mind - Many people report problems loosing concentration and drifting away in their thoughts during sex, we shall explore some techniques that can help you stay present and engaged with your partners or by yourself

  • A whole body experience of pleasure - We will look at the capacity of our body to experience greater pleasure, that is not limited to our genitals.

  • Reflective guided exercise - During this exercise your webinar leader - Leah will walk you through an exploration of your interests and desires to expand on your whole body pleasure experience. No answers are required from participants during the webinar - but those who want to share are free to do so.

  • Intimate communication - Leah will briefly outline what and when we need to communicate about our intimate and sexual needs and desires with our partners in order to have more satisfaction and pleasure.



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