About Your Requests...

We have received a number of requests to the the following topics, and we shall indeed do them, but we have a question or two first.

In March LIFESEXPERTS invited people to use a special form on our website, which allows users to email us anonymously requesting content.

There were 3 topics that were requested repeatedly via our website and other means e.g. in discussions, feedback, one-to-ones and via email. 1. BDSM and Kink

2. Sexless relationships

3. Intimate communication

Since the second and third topics have mostly been communicated to me (Leah) in stories, personal accounts of struggles and also specific questions, I am more aware of what people are requesting me to do in the delivery of such content.

However although we had a couple of requests on the topic of BDSM and Kink earlier this year, the interest in the BDSM and Kink topic might have peaked more since people may have seen that I am delivering on it in Porto, Portugal. Yet these topics are huge, but I have had little direction as what aspects of the topics people are interested in. Let's get through some of the aspects: * Beginner's intro - this will include things like: what are kink and BDSM, how do you get into the community, must know things about the community, the different types of events, code of conduct at events, how to be safe at events, etc.

* Consent and safety in play - how do you negotiate play, how do you make sure you look after or you're looked after well when you engage in play, how to understand power dynamics and remain safe, etc.

* Play - definitions of BDSM and Kink play, acts that are involved, safety in play, boundaries, limits, needs, desires, reflective practice, playing with the mind as much as the body, etc.

* Communication in BDSM and Kink relationships - especially focusing on catering for own and partner's needs, freedoms in experimentation, creating rules for emotional, physical and social safety, etc.

These are only a few of the aspects the talks, workshops and seminars can go into. Hence I wish to reach out to those who have anonymously requested the topic to message again and give me more direction of the type of topics they are interested in having delivered.

I look forward to your thoughts and requests, so we can begin to create the content you wish to have delivered!


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