On Virginity...as a deck of cards.

BBC radio asked Leah, is 16 too early?

BBC Radio 'After the Watershed' spoke to us this evening about losing one's virginity and if 16 is too early as a recent research article found that a third of women and a quarter of men regret having had sex early in life.

Virginity. What a topic, forever discussed as a matter of a legal issue. Yet, let's stop for a second and consider the facts:

* Sex is equally a physical and a mental activity.

* Age is not a measure of maturity.

* Virginity is not a one time thing, it's a process of continuous exploration and doing new things at every stage in life.

* The virginity discourse is mostly focused on penetrative sex between men and women, it is engulfed in a hetero-centric language discriminating LGBTQIA+ communities and experiences of sexual experiences that may not be penetrative and involving penis - vagina intercourse.

Three of the many reasons why you should not have sex: * Pressure. From anyone or anything - it's not worth it. * Fear of missing out. Rushing it because you think you'd miss out means you're more likely to miss out on a positive and mature experience than if you take your time.

* To be popular and create or maintain a 'status'.

The one and only reason why you should have sex:

* Because you want it for yourself.

Do you want to listen to the show? Click here.


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