Open relationships - Love, Jealousy & Vital Know-How

Polyamory and more broadly, ethical non-monogamy, are terms that we hear more and more these days. It is not quite mainstream but has become an acceptable topic of discussion in Western countries and no longer carries the taboo it once did.

However there can still be stigma attached and many misunderstandings in mainstream culture. In this webinar Leah and Roy discuss:

  • Can you really feel romantic love to multiple people at the same time?

  • Does jealousy and fear get in the way?

  • How to manage key aspects of open relationships better?

  • And much more

Our guest speaker Roy has been openly and ethically non monogamous for nearly 10 years, experiencing open relationships, solo-poly, primary and non hierarchical poly relationships. He feels being poly is an identity, not a choice, though it is possible to choose what kind of relationship you want to be in. He shares what he's learned in the course of his exploration about open and radically honest communication, handling jealousy and being present when navigating multiple relationships.